Multi-Level Marketing Sales

Multi-Level Marketing


Bolster allows companies and representatives to conduct all business activities through a tablet - in a single application that makes a corporation’s essential information like brochures, product orders, and management tools accessible with the push of a button.

  • Improve sales, recruiting, and training presentations
  • Process orders or enroll new representatives
  • Leadership can monitor their representative’s performance with built in dashboard tools
  • Bolster can be customized to meet your image and branding needs
  • Stream videos or live events


Our applications are uniquely designed to reinforce your image and reputation. We are Master Craftsman of the user experience on mobile devices, with a focus on:

  • High Quality design
  • Captivating and superior image quality
  • Superior functionality
  • Intuitive design and simplified functionality
  • Providing the ultimate sales tool
  • Anyone can pick up our iPad applications and immediately begin to use them



Once again, the world is in the middle of a technology shift. The mobile device has become an indispensable tool in everyday personal life, and is quickly replacing the personal computer. Many corporations are making tablets the device of choice for conducting business. Current trends and projections for the use of tablets are:


  • Tablets are replacing laptops as the computing device of choice.
  • 760 million tablets in use by 2016
  • Tablets will be the sales support device for the foreseeable future
  • Video conferencing, phone calls, and chat can be done through tablets
  • Complete functionality with mobility





Bolster consolidates all your products into a simple and easy to use digital format that is perfect for product presentation and taking orders. Representatives are able to place desired products into a shopping cart, accept customer order information and integrate with your existing order management systems.

Bolster also permits your sales representatives to capture customer data and prospect information into a Customer Contact Information database that helps your sales representatives keep track of all possible contacts and sales situations.


A paradigm shift is just beginning in the Network Marketing Industry where tablets will become the Sales Tool of choice for companies and their representatives. New sales technology and expanded communication enhancements for tablets make representatives more successful. Companies that embrace this shift first, will position themselves to attract the industry’s newest and top selling representatives. Companies that react too slowly will lose top producers gravitating towards the easier and faster money making process on tablets.




User feedback has indicated improved sales tools, such as Bolster, can significantly reduce the attrition rate of your valuable sales force.

Our application has proven to be an effective one-on-one sales presentation tool. Giving less experienced sales representatives an opportunity to “lean” on the application and provide most of the sales information and increase their personal revenues.

Bolster improves communication and relationships between the company, sales leaders, and sales force. Our applications keep everyone involved, informed and productive in their sales efforts. Through the application, sales leaders can provide online workshops, meetings, and training to ensure sure every person is a vital part of the team.


Many of Jester’s customers utilizing our Sales Support System have been able to significantly reduce their printing and shipping costs for sales collateral materials. In addition, as product changes occur all sales materials used by your company are instantly updated to assure that all users have the most current information and prices while presenting to a customer. The application is also able to interface with all social media resources to assure all utilized media is updated in real time.


Bolster permits your sales representatives to make a complete company presentation to any prospective associates. The system contains videos and interactive tools integrated with latest mobile devices for easy and effective presentations. The entire transaction can be done through Bolster.



Apple devices have been the dominate device of choice for this and most markets to date. Jester builds for all current devices, smartphones and tablets, both native and web-based.


  • Tablets have a bigger viewing area than smartphones, which makes them more conducive for business functions:
    • more impactful presentations
    • easier order taking
    • an easier enrollment process
  • Many apps built for iPhones don’t work for iPads
  • Many apps don’t offer a complete sales and support solution
  • Unlike web based applications used for Smartphones, Bolster is not Internet dependent to meet the user’s needs
  • IPads are ideal for presenting videos and have the capacity to provide streaming video presentations


Even simple technology can create everyday challenges for some users. Jester has a dedicated user support department, designed to help users with download, installation, and everyday usage issues. This is an extension of Jester’s commitment to our client’s and their representatives to build and maintain a quality product now and down the road. Jester believes that being there to support your users is just part of our job, and your satisfaction is our priority.

  • Jester offers our corporate clients a series of support methods including a support website with Frequently Asked Questions, email or instant message support or 800 call support.
  • Our expertise allows us to resolve technology issues quickly and efficiently.
  • Our clients appreciate not having to be burdened with supporting everyday problems, and know their representatives are cared for.
  • Our clients don’t have to acquire specialized talent to resolve the everyday issues.